Classroom Countdown

What is Classroom Countdown?

Classroom Countdown is a web app that simply shows how long is remaining until the next section of the school day. It provides a second-by-second countdown, with visual cues to show when the section is nearly over.

It is used by teachers to keep track of time during a period, which is particularly useful when period times are not consistent each day. It makes indicating the time remaining in a test very easy. In schools without bells it prevents arguments with students over when the period ends. Teachers are more likely to get to class on time at the end of non-contacts and breaks.

Students can use Classroom Countown to improve their time-management skills, both before and during class. A parent can easily check to see if it is currently a suitable time to, for example, text their child. In addition, an overview of the school's regular timetable can be viewed at the click of a button. No special login or password is required - anyone who knows your school's URL can view the information.

Temporary timetables (coming soon), holidays, teacher-only days etc can all be included in Classroom Countdown by way of the secure administration panel.

How does it work?

You will get your own URL, in the form Anyone who goes to this site will be able to see the countdown to the next section.

It is completely cloud-based - no files are installed on your school computers or servers. Classroom Countdown time is synchronised to the computer that is displaying it, so it does rely on accurate computer time. This has the advantage, however, that the computer or portable device does not need to remain connected to a network in order to operate.

How do I try it?

Log in to the admin site at with the username "demo" and the password "demo". Here you can edit the regular timetable, create temporary timetables, and add or delete holidays. You can view the results of your work at Feel free to change as much or as little as you like. It resets itself every hour on the hour.

A free, no-obligation one month trial can be set up for your school, usually within 24 hours. This is a fully-featured set-up, complete with personalised URL and administration dashboard, that everyone can use as soon as you have entered your timetable details. If, after one month, you are happy with the product, just pay the set-up and first year's fee, and you can continue using Classroom Countdown without interruption.

Who are we?

Peter and Jamie McClymont are the father and son team behind Classroom Countdown and the Kwiius brand. Jamie creates, codes, designs and generally does most of the hard work, while Peter tests, suggests and looks after the financial side of things.

What does it cost?

The one month trial is completely free. At the end of the month, if you decide to buy, Classroom Countdown costs only $129 NZD per year.


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